We will become a leading global company in the future.

Since our establishment in November 1983, we have been specialized in producing most medical consumables related to P.V.C used in hospital anesthesia department, operating room, intensive care unit,
We have been devoted to the improvement of the domestic medical environment and the improvement of the healthcare industry through continuous research and development on medical supplies business.

By thorough research and technology sharing with university researchers and our research and development team, we will thoroughly Q & C on the products (maximize the efficiency of the production line and thorough pre- and post-test) After the product has been shipped, the distribution route is grasped and the service is implemented through thorough follow-up management. ISO 13485 and CE have been acquired. It is a trend that recognition is recognized as it is recognized in overseas market and export is increasing.

We are continuing our research and development at 21C, and we are in the process of challenging the electronic medical device that introduced the technology of biotechnology. Employees who respect human life with their beliefs, and become a company specializing in world-recognized medical consumables, helping customers around the world. I will do my best to be your trustworthy companion.

Thank you.


Eom Gwanyong