Hyupsung Medical Co., Ltd was founded in 1983.
We have been striving to improve medical equipment management standards for the development of good quality medical products and for patient safety.
Is a leading manufacturer of consumable PVC medical products in Korea.
We started to manufacture specialty PVC medical consumables for the first time in Korea, and have been expanding our products to diversified products according to market demand.
So now we manufacture more than 40 PVC medical products. It is certified by ISO 13485, CE  international certification body and produces products in accordance with ISO 13485 standard. We are constantly looking for better ways to promote our products and hygiene standards. And we will try our best to produce excellent products by acquiring and citing the latest medical knowledge to serve our customers best.



Pledge of
Hyupsung Medical Co.,Ltd.

All of our executives and employees know that we have developed a medical retail company as a valuable result of your care, so we have developed all our capabilities based on the employee satisfaction of providing patients with advanced technology and medicine.


The quality elevation and post management of core product.

All the products of Hyupsung Medical Co., Ltd. are produced with thorough Q & C (ISO 13485, CE) and investment development (research and development R & D) of new products, diversification of sales (excellent talent acquisition CND) and thorough service (reorganization TSS) System, we will make sure to establish itself as a world-leading PVC medical supplies company.


Diversification and leadership
of business.

It is anticipated that the 21st century will turn into a biotechnology, information and hybridization trend of the medical equipment industry. Therefore, we will actively deal with the development of electronic medical devices (university researchers and self-research labs) We will be a company that is reborn as a state-of-the-art medical equipment company dealing with the most valuable value of human being, ‘precious life’, by leading the development of high value-added medical industry.