The present – 2011

  • Quasi-drug manufacturing license and production facility completion
  • HYUPSUNG MEDICAL CO., LTD. Moved and expanded new factory to 2
  • HYUPSUNG MEDICAL CO., LTD. Establishment of attached research center
  • Electronic product development completed (URINE METER 3 kinds)
  • Started to import and sell medical devices
  • Patented safety syringe
  • HYUPSUNG MEDICAL CO., LTD. Moved to expand Seoul office head office building
  • HYUPSUNG MEDICAL CO., LTD. 3 new factory and OPEN

2010 – 2003

  • Started developments of Electrical Products (Urine Meter and other 3 products)
  • Open the second factory of HYUPSUNG MEDICAL CO., LTD.
  • Established HSM Manufacturing. Renewal and Relauching of MED VAC.
  • Certified ISO 13485 Mark.

2002 – 1997

  • Certified ISO 13485, CE Mark.
  • Convert development of high disposable medical products. Updated facilities and committed specialist for research and development.
  • Factory facilities expansion(Kyung Ki Do, Yang Ju Kun) Development of new products, strengthened Q&C, step up in productivity.
  • Expansion into global market. Exported U0,000 to Japan, Turkey, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Etc.
  • Increased manufacturing products of more then 30kinds of products according to the diversification of products required within the medical marketplace.

1996 – 1983

  • Registered Hyup Sung Medical Co.,Ltd.
  • stablished six distributors in Korea(Busan, Dae Ku, Dae Jen, Chong Ju, Chon Ju, Kwang Ju)
  • Establishment of Hyup Sung manufacturing factory, producing a Urine Bag plus nine other products. Professional company of PVC Disposable products.
  • Established exhibition shop(Chong Ro-Ku, in Seoul)
  • Started selling to Asan Foundation Hospital plus 20 other major hospitals.
  • Established Kang Won distributor(Won Ju City , Korea)